Murray Goldman
Gabor + Popper Architects Inc; Peter A. Gabor, Co-Partner-in-charge; 1985
Located just below Castle Loma, a distinctive Toronto landmark that was the inspiration for the Castle Hill design, this project was won through a competition to salvage density after a series of high rise development options were refused by the city and the Ontario Municipal Board.

Consisting of terraced townhouses centered and bordered by new parks, the project used lanes for the first time in 50 years in Toronto to keep garages off the face of the building, resulting in a unique and pleasing facade of gently curving buildings. Rather than the usual collection of individual units, the project projected an image of a single building. Despite the approximately 15 foot width of the units, careful design resulted in amazingly spacious units that commanded premium prices.

Residential Multiple and Mixed Use
Castle Hill
Riverside Seniors Condominium
Alexandra Gate
Kings Point


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