Lumber King Developments
Gabor + Popper Architects Inc; Peter A. Gabor, Partner-in-charge; 1989
This project represents the first large scale Urban Design assignment undertook by Gabor + Popper, under the direction of Peter Gabor.

It represents a unique opportunity to develop a integrated mixed use, landmark development around a Go station in Scarborough, resulting in urban designed public spaces in the European tradition not available anywhere else in the community. Using principles of New Urbanism, the design sought to achieve a real sense of space, with passive and active spaces appropriate for the different commercial, mixed use, and residential zones of the site.

Originally conceived as a small site, the client liked our approach so much that they negotiated the purchase of adjacent properties to be able to achieve a grand scheme. The project never went ahead because of the '89 recession, but awaits a revival with the right developer on board!
Feasability Studies
Wexford Seniors Residence
Bay St. Housing Proposal
Brantford Retirement Residence
New Residence, Canada

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