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Gabor + Popper Architects Inc; Peter A. Gabor, Partner-in-charge;
A “dream home” should be more than just a rehash of old ideas or the demonstrating of usual designs. It should excite visitors; bring them to dream of what they could do. In short, it should spur debate, produce awe and inspire the visitor. It should be part theatre and part fun to experience.

We think we hit a home run by designing a modern inspired home, based on the “Miami Vice” theme (then a highly popular TV show), for the National Home Show. We built a shallow lake, into which we set a building made of tinted color blocks, separated by steel window slits. The lake was carried inside, so a bridge was the only access to the front door. A two storey granite waterfall greeted you on the inside, with a great big skylight illuminating this exciting atrium. The rooms circled this atrium on two levels, each space carefully carving out its own niche in the overall modern aesthetic, a surprise waiting around every corner. Truly a home to be dreamed of…..

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