Printing This Website
Print Landscape orientation (recommended)

To print Landscape orientation in Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator: click File, then click Page Setup.

Select Landscape orientation rather than Portrait orientation.

If you are using Netscape, request that the web page be scaled to the page width. To scale your document to the printed page in Netscape Navigator, click File, then click Page Setup. Select Shrink to fit Page Width.

Reduce the margins.
Reduce margins in your Web browser for best results. In Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, click File, then click Page Setup to set printing margins. The selection is temporary only for this browser session.

Set margins at .5 inches for top, bottom, and right edges, while allowing .75 on the left edge if you're planning to put the forms in a binder.

Remove all headers, footers and optional printing commands by clearing any applicable checkboxes.

Note: some printers have larger minimum margin requirements. If so, rely on printer defaults instead of the suggested margin allowances.

More things to do:

Use Print Preview before printing.

Many printing problems can be discovered and resolved before printing by checking the page in Print Preview before printing. In the Web browser window, select File then click Print Preview before trying to print forms. You will see whether or not to expect printing problems.

Print from a saved page.
As a workaround for many printing problems, save the Web page to your hard drive or a floppy disk, then open it in an appropriate application (spreadsheet or word processor for a table, graphics program for an image) and print from there. As browser commands vary greatly, consult your browser's help function to learn how to save and view a Web page.

Check your Web browser.
Check with the manufacturer of your Web browser for help printing pages from the Web.

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